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X HDL 4.1.4. Demo Restriction dorgra




* * This file can be used in the installation of The Library/Library Catalog. */ Q: Solr - Meaning of spacial in Solr QueryParser I am playing around with solr, I was wondering if anybody could explain the significance of the spacial in the below query. SearchQuery q = new SearchQuery(); QueryParser parser = new QueryParser(Version.LUCENE_34, "my_index", new StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_34)); String query = "my_query"; q.set(QueryParsers.spatial.type(), "geocode"); q.set(QueryParsers.spatial.field(), "search_location"); q.set("my_query", query); q.set("my_index", "my_index_name"); q.set("my_type", "my_type_name"); q.set("spatial", "geocode"); q.set("my_location", "50.520534,7.851757"); BoolQueryBuilder bq = new BoolQueryBuilder(); bq.must(q); bq.must(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("my_type", "my_type_name")); bq.should(QueryBuilders.matchQuery("my_location", "geocode(my_location)")); BoolQuery bqQuery = (BoolQuery); System.out.println(bqQuery.toString()); The above example will produce this solr query string: my_query:my_query my_location:(50.520534,7.851757) my_type_name:(my_type_name) my_index_name:(my_index




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X HDL 4.1.4. Demo Restriction dorgra

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